Friday, May 29, 2009

Offf - Opening Credits

Tala - Tal Gliks

Offf 2007 opening credits was made in BAU school of design, Barcelona, masters program. This class was In collaboration with Offf's director Hector Ayuso and the festival's art director Aimee Campos. Tal Gliks did all work, direction, photography, animation, compositing, 3d and music editing. It was screened at Offf festival. Later on summer of 2008 it was one of three finalists (out of 200 entrees world wide) nominated for the motion graphics category in the Adobe Design Achievement Award 2008, New York.

OFFF NYC Titles from Christopher Hewitt on Vimeo.

Directed by Christopher Hewitt and Rob Chiu. The OFFF New York Titles were produced for the OFFF 2007 Festival held at the Tribeca Performing Arts Centre, NY. Titles where shot over a 2 day period as we ran around the city trying to capture a 'New Yorker's' New York.