Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Along with, which has become the standard for music scrobbling, is the best music service on the internet imo. The music that is being scattered on the enormous number of music blogs and magazines can be listened trough as a playlist, noted in the service’s profile and later shared on facebook, tumblr or twitter. Really smooth experience. works primarily as a chrome extansion – but it a mega-extension. icon on the music blog page annotates the number of playable songs, which can be queued in a playlist and played in its music player. All the songs and the blogs are noted in the extensions library and then updated regularly – meaning that you can always have updated playlist of your favorite blog. The best feature is the users music profile on website where the favorite songs can be noted, shared on social networks. Also other users can be friended and followed, and so forth. Although this all seems a bit complicated, it actually is very intuitive.

Amazing website/extension/service! Recommendations! You can find my profile on with my noted favorite music.

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