Monday, August 1, 2011

Firespotter Labs - Nosh

Nosh: Three Dinners from Firespotter Labs on Vimeo.
Nosh is a fun and social way to share what you eat and find out what's good everywhere!

Mr. Scott Hansen from iso50 shared the ad for Nosh social service that he developed (Firespoters Labs). Nosh is cool and so i9s the ad. You can also check behind the scenes footage on Firespotters Labs Vimeo page. More importantly, check out Also Mr. Scott Hansen has amazingly great blog called ISO50 with deals with phtoography, design, electronic music and all that with a vintage layer on it. Highly recommended.

Highly original Nosh 404 Page Not Found
Nosh: 404 from Firespotter Labs on Vimeo.
Periodically, pages go missing, assets get misplaced -- you should not be concerned. This is a startup, this kind of thing happens. At Nosh, they are fortunate to have a relationship with several teams of ex-special forces operatives who help us track down these missing pages. When a page on this website goes rogue -- and a code 404 arises -- they dispatch one of our teams to bring it back. Ideally they are able to salvage the missing page, but sometimes, if the page is truly lost, they have to take it out (resulting in the subsequent code 500 when the page gets taken down).

Regarding the page you are currently looking for, one of their teams actually did find it, but it did not want to be found and a firefight ensued. This encounter is documented above.

We are very sorry we are not able to display the page you were looking for. Please go back home and we’ll do our best to ensure this kind of mix up is resolved peacefully in the future.
Making of....
Nosh Promo: Behind the Scenes from Firespotter Labs on Vimeo.

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